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Typing, Travel And Doctor Who

Sounded over all a great trip!

The Bookish Writer

As I have mentioned previously, I recently attended the Doctor Who Festival in Sydney with some of my fellow Whovians.

Now, this trip was planned many months ago when all three of us were better equipped financially. Needless to say, our situations had changed drastically in the six months since we had booked our tickets. One friend had decided to return to study, the other had just moved house and for me, my husband was currently between jobs after being made redundant, (he is back to work now though, phew).

So, due to changed circumstances, we brilliantly decided to take the train all the way to Sydney. Eight and a half hours by train, oh what joy, (yes that was sarcasm).

So, I figured I would get some writing done on the train, which I managed a surprising amount while chatting to my friend. And if I’m honest, I was quite pleased…

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