Shape shifter novel.

Today I will be starting my day with a quick walk around the block then will settle down to see if I can make my quota of 500 words for my shape shifter, black panther novel today.

Yesterday I spent an enjoyable day at the movies and saw two films. “Burnt” with Bradley Cooper staring, and The Last Witch Hunter, which I found to be a brilliant and surprising film which had several twists and turns , lots of action and a good storyline, with an unpredicdable end.


Author Julie A. D’Arcy

As my publisher Secret Cravings Publishing closed down a few weeks ago I have been working to get some of my books back up to sell but I am in no hurry. So far I am publishing my ghost, historical, reincarnation, witch romance  with a little help from my friend Cynthia at iHeart Publishing. She just does the formatting and loads it to the book selling sites. The book was already extremely well edited by the talented Sherri Good(editor). I have done the same with my second novel “Silverdawn”.

WhisperGood200200 silverdawn