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Failing with his last victim, the Story Mage is desperate to fill his book of tragedy and woe, henceforth begins a tale of lust, revenge…and…love. Isabella Barton, fleeing from an ex-fiancé after uncovering his ties with the Russian Mafia. After his willingness to bargain her body for business, she finds herself at the childhood home in Rhode Island. Searching through the aged Victorian mansion, Isabella discovers an ancient book of witchcraft. With nothing to lose, she attempts the spell for “True Love” that insists on flipping open in front of her. Zachariah, First Sorcerer to the King of Layleah, never expected to be hurtled into the future, ripped from the land of his birth and awaken on a strange beach with a beautiful red-haired, violet-eyed vixen. And, the only thing that can restore Zachariah to his other dimensional world is missing—his amulet. How can Isabella tell the man she is falling in love with that her existence rests on him loving her in return and choosing to stay, when all he longs for is to find his amulet to return to his home? Zachariah has a decision to make—stay or leave. He didn’t expect the woman had the ability to ignite a passion he had only ever dreamed of. Love, lust, revenge, and betrayal follow these two lost souls on a sensual and dangerous journey to discover not just long ago secrets, but their own realities.

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Spellbound is an amazing book, Fantasy, Magic, and Suspense ….at its best.

Spellbound by Julie A. Darcy
“A coven of twelve witches and a woman with the blue-black hair of a raven’s wing and bright blue-green eyes, congregate around a large iron black cauldron”

That is how Spellbound starts. And as good as that line is, it just gets better from there. Isabella is a modern woman determined to make a better life for herself than the one she finds herself in as the fiancé of a rich, powerful Russian Mafia boss.
I don’t want to give away any spoilers but I can say, she makes her escape and the adventure begins.
Julie A. D’Arcy creates compelling, realistic characters. This enchanting story seized me to read it in one sitting. It’s that good.


Novella Update! And It’s Good News!

The Bookish Writer

As a few of you already know, I resubmitted the first 3 chapters of my novella ‘The Last Dragon Rider’ at the beginning of February after completing the revisions the editor suggested.

Well, last week I heard back, and I’m very excited to report it was positive news. I still have a ways to go, but I’m more than willing to put in the work, and, more importantly, the editor is more than willing to work with me.

My writing qualifications consist of me acing high school English and Literature with a bunch of A+’s. I was not fortunate enough to know back then that I could have studied writing and editing at university, or had the forethought to know that my dabbling could in fact turn into something more. So I appreciate the fact that I still have a lot to lean.

Anyway, I have copied the email here so you…

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Encounter in Paradise


4 Flames

This is the story of  Ace, ayoung Australian football, , player,  from a small town in Queensland who flees his questioning relatives to holiday in Thailand. There he rescues Matt a young sophisticated man from Sydney, who in turn rescues him and helps him accept who he is. 

A story of discovery. With a few twists and turns thrown in.

**********************************************Encounter in Paradise

An M/M love story.


Ace refrained from slamming down the phone and replaced it neatly in the cradle. “Fucking Hell! Why can’t she leave me alone?”

Why did his mother insist on inviting him for Christmas with the family—or extended family he should say—when she knew he hated it? Every year, the same. The three aunts would ask if he had a girlfriend yet. Had he met that special someone? All the while looking at him with pity in their eyes, as if there was something wrong with him. Christ! He was only twenty-five, for goodness sakes. And didn’t they know he was gay.

Well, no. No one does except me.

He’d done a pretty good job of keeping that hidden for the last twelve years. Jeez, he hadn’t even known himself until he was thirteen and all the other guys started looking at chicks and he started checking out the boys in his school locker room. He kept it well under wraps of course—wouldn’t want it to get around in this one horse town.

He always kept his eyes well down in the showers, well nearly all the time. It was pretty hard sometimes with all those beautiful dicks on display. But he managed. If he started getting hard he would just step from the shower and grab his towel to cover up.

He didn’t look gay, he didn’t even sound gay. He knew from the TV what gay guys were supposed to look and sound like, but that just wasn’t him. He considered himself good looking, with his naturally tipped blonde hair, and blue eyes, and the way the girls always chatted him up at school and now at the hospital, throwing out signals with their slim curvy bodies. But, he was much more buff than those guys he’d seen on television. And didn’t gay guys hate sports? He loved his sport. He was Captain of his football team.


But there was nothing he could do about the situation. Gay was gay, even if you were a Catholic. He’d even tried dating a girl once, just to make certain. Nice girl, lovely girl—Becky and he were still friends, in fact, she was the only one that really knew the truth. He’d tried to fuck her, and that had turned into a real disaster! He’d run out of her apartment in a cold sweat and vomited on the footpath. He smiled inwardly at the thought. That was two years ago. Since then, he’d tried a few more dates, just to shut his mother up, even though deep down he thought she suspected, but her strict Catholic upbringing wouldn’t allow her to admit that she had a son who wasn’t into girls. So since then, he’d pretended. He asked a few nurses at the hospital out. Dinner and a movie, then he’d leave them on the doorstep with a quick peck on the cheek, promising to call which he never did. It made him feel like a bastard, but the performance had to go on for appearances sake.

But no longer. He’d had enough. No way was he going to suffer through another one of those Christmas dinners. Coming from a small town had its disadvantages. Living in Gimpy Queensland was one of them.

Reaching a decision, he strode to the kitchen, poured himself a glass of wine, and turned on his computer. Settling back in his chair he took a sip of his strong red, and waited for the computer to warm up. Being a new machine, Ace didn’t have to wait long. He logged onto the internet and went to a travel site he’d checked out many times over, but never had the guts to use.

He was due for some time off at Christmas, so this year he was going to give himself a special present. This year he was doing something just for himself. He was going to Thailand. Patong to be exact, and he was going to have sex, and if he was lucky he might even find that someone special.

He knew the risks. He wasn’t stupid. He’d make sure he had plenty of condoms. But hell there was only so much male porn you could watch, and so many hand jobs you could give yourself. There had to be someone out there for him. There just had to be.


5.0 out of 5 stars Grab YourSunscreen, Beach Chair, A Towel and this Novelette

By Cornelia Amiri and Maeve Alpin

He lay back on his towel, pulled his cap down half-covering his eyes and watched. This guy was gorgeous—short black hair, a touch of the oriental look about him, and a slight but well-built body. Ace’s mouth watered just at the sight of all that glistening, golden brown skin.
Ace is from a small town in Australia and for the Holidays he treats himself to a vacation in exotic Thailand where he hopes to meet a man. He’s never been with a man before though he know that’s where his interest lie. Experimenting and self-discovery in a small town can be impossible.
There on the beach in Thailand, Ace spots the man of his dreams. His encounter with his mystery man grows eve more romantic as he’s able to use his paramedic skills to rescue the guy from drowning. It turns out that the man he saved, Matt, is from Australia also. A romance a sultry as the Thailand sun grows from there.

Julie A. Darcy is a multi-talented writer and artist. She not only wrote this story she created the cover art as well.
The novelette, Encounter in Paradise., is a luscious as its cover. The two sexy heroes and there hot yet warm hearted tale will sweep you away for an hour or so. It’s also a great beach read for sunning on the sandy shore or lounge chair. I highly recommend Encounter in Paradise.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Great M/M Read January 3, 2015

By MarieS

Encounter in Paradise, is a sensitive, well written “coming out” M/M story. When Australian Ace travels to Thailand on holiday, he never expected to play hero and save Matt’s life. Matt introduces him to the gay lifestyle he had denied himself at home. The two are from different worlds, however, and ghosts from the past could ruin their relationship. Overall, an enjoyable “feel good” read.

Finding Time to write By Shaye Jenna

Finding time to write can be one of the biggest challenges for a writer. Many of us have full time jobs, families to take care of and chores to complete each and every week.

So how do you find the time to write in between all that other stuff? Well, it’s not always easy, but it can be done. You can carve out hours and even minutes in your day to write. And trust me, it all adds up. So here are my four favourite strategies for finding more time to write:

Pick a specific chunk of time to write each day or week and stick to it If you look hard enough, you will be able to carve out a chunk of time in your day (I promise). When I worked full time, my lunch hour was my writing time. Now, at home with young kids, naptime is when I write. It doesn’t matter if the house is a mess, there’s washing to be put out, or I’m still not even dressed for the day. When babies go down, I write. And I don’t stop until they wake up.

Take advantage of your commute Most of us have some kind of commute during the day, whether by bus, train, or car. You can’t always use the time to write (it wouldn’t exactly be safe in the car), but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the time wisely. Reading in your genre, researching for your novel, or learning more about the craft of writing can all be done while you’re getting from point A to point B. So grab a book, a book-on-tape, or even a voice recorder to record ideas and use that commute.

Use tiny moments of stillness Ever found yourself sitting in a meeting room for ten minutes before anyone else arrives? Ever been at the dentist waiting for an appointment that should have started half an hour ago? These are the moments of stillness in your life, and you’re crazy if you don’t utilise them. Always, always, always have some paper and a pen or a book to read in your bag. These tiny moments add up, so don’t waste them.

Become an early riser A lot of people will hate this one, but it has to be mentioned. If you just can’t find the time to write during the day, then get up early when the rest of the house is still asleep. You’ll probably find you work twice as fast with no distractions, and after doing it for a while, it will likely become habit and not so painful.

The ideas are simple, but they really can make a difference if you put them into practice. Why not pick your favourites and trial them for a few weeks to see if they help you find more time to write.

Do you have a favourite strategy for finding more time to write?

Typing, Travel And Doctor Who

Sounded over all a great trip!

The Bookish Writer

As I have mentioned previously, I recently attended the Doctor Who Festival in Sydney with some of my fellow Whovians.

Now, this trip was planned many months ago when all three of us were better equipped financially. Needless to say, our situations had changed drastically in the six months since we had booked our tickets. One friend had decided to return to study, the other had just moved house and for me, my husband was currently between jobs after being made redundant, (he is back to work now though, phew).

So, due to changed circumstances, we brilliantly decided to take the train all the way to Sydney. Eight and a half hours by train, oh what joy, (yes that was sarcasm).

So, I figured I would get some writing done on the train, which I managed a surprising amount while chatting to my friend. And if I’m honest, I was quite pleased…

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